World's first stablecoin backed by Bitcoin Satoshi

100% transparent coverage of all SIMBA with BTC.

1 SIMBA = 1 Satoshi

“We believe that blockchain will lead cryptocurrencies to dominant positions in the world of finance!”

Cold storage of cryptocurrencies in protected locations with cold hardware wallets and multi-signature algorithm, provide high security and access to assets via confirmation by responsible faces and a programmed script.
Liquidity and convenience is provided with ERC-20 token, which can be moved between users, exchanged, while keep the constant value to Bitcoin, and can be withdrawn within 24 hours.
Storage locations:SwitzerlandLiechtensteinUAENew Zealand


Behind the snow-capped peaks and Swiss ski-resorts there is a perfect area which is ideal for implementation of the most incredible ideas and projects. Such ideas might stop living straight away in other countries.

This innovative spirit of research makes Switzerland the most fertile ground for the crypto economy.That is why headquarters SIMBA Storage is going to be located there. We definitely could not carry out our plans anywhere but in Switzerland.

SIMBA — stablecoin of reliable storage

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All 2019 I was thinking and planning to create my own stablecoin. It’s time to share my vision with you, my dear community! My idea is to create a stablecoin that is not pegged to fiat currency (of which there are already a lot of varieties) but...